Example English Class

Welcome to English Class! This class is an example of a typical SYME class.

歡迎來到英語課! 這堂課是典型SYME 課程。

At SYME you take a test to see what level you are at. So your experience may be easier or more challenging. Classes are normally 50 minutes long and you build a great relationship with teachers inside and out. After this we will be headed to our next section, Bible Class!

在SYME,您需要進行測驗以了解自己的英文能力。 因此,您的體驗可能會更輕鬆或更具有挑戰性。 上課時間通常為50分鐘,不論在教室內或外您都可以與老師建立良好的關係。 接下來,我們將進入下一堂課—聖經課!