Introduction Student Life

Learn a little about our student life at SYME and how we have a blast learning English!


Student life at SYME is full of making new friends and having teachers that love and care for you. SYME students live in dorms with staff and get many meals from our great chef. It's a place to learn but have fun while learning! After this a Q & A with one of our admissions counselors.

的學生生活充滿了結交新朋友和認識真心愛你、關心你的老師。 SYME的學生和老師們一起住在宿舍,並從我們厲害的廚師那裡獲得很多餐點。 這是一個學習的地方,但在學習的同時也能玩得盡興!接著與我們的一名招生顧問進行問答。