Introduction to Online Free Day

Welcome to our Online Free Day! We hope this will give you a small look into what life is like at SYME.

歡迎來到我們的網路Free Day! 我們希望這能幫助您了解SYME的生活。

Our program is fun and full of memories made with foreign teachers and SYME students. At SYME you get to experience a little bit of America while living in Taiwan and make deep relationships with teachers that actually care about you. We love our SYME family! It's a great place to overcome the fear of using English abroad, or learn about God and grow in your faith.

我們的課程充滿樂趣及和外國老師和SYME學生共同創造的記憶。在SYME,您可以在台灣體驗到一點美國生活,並與真正關心您的老師建立深厚的關係。 我們都愛我們的SYME家庭!在這裡,您可以克服在國外使用英語的恐懼,或者更認識上帝並在自己的信仰中成長。

The schedule for Online Free Day is as follows:
網路 Free Day的行程如下:

Introduction 簡介
English Class 英語課
Bible Class 聖經課
Chapel Introduction 崇拜時間簡介
Student Life Introduction
Q & A with Admissions Counselor 招生顧問問答

It is important to note that the level of our classes depends on the student. The demonstration class today may be harder or easier than the level you are placed in at SYME. We work hard to make sure students of all levels can have an amazing experience in our program.


We are so excited to have you join us today and hope to see you soon at SYME!


If you have any other questions or needs, please reach out to us on our Facebook or at